What Commercial Electrical Services Can Do For You

What Commercial Electrical Services Can Do for Your Kansas City Business

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As is the case with residential customers, it’s never a good idea to attempt electrical installation or repair in your business. Electricity is extremely dangerous; even though you may be a cautious person, why take a risk with your life or the lives of others? At Teague Electric, we provide all of the commercial electrical services a business in Kansas City could ever need, whether yours is related to food service, financial, retail, restaurants, entertainment, manufacturing, consulting or other professional services, or other industries.

Perhaps you have a new business under construction, have a new project that requires lighting or electrical, are adding lights in the parking lot, or are wanting to rewire an older storage building or warehouse. No job is too big or too small for our professionals! Considering our decades in business, we understand the importance of proper lighting in a retail store, ambient lighting in a restaurant, or bright, secure lighting in parking areas. Some of the areas we focus our commercial electrical services on include:

  • Neon lighting repair
  • Electrical for newly constructed businesses
  • Equipment installation
  • Parking lot lighting
  • New or Retrofit lighting that’s energy efficient
  • Surge suppression
  • Installation of motion detection or security lighting
  • Motor controls
  • Generators
  • Building maintenance and repair of electrical components
  • Electrical system upgrades
  • Handicap accessible doors
  • Surgical lighting
  • Data center power distribution
  • Relocation of wall plates and/or electrical switches
  • Service upgrades (circuit breaker boxes)
  • . . . much more

Ultimately, a trusted Kansas City commercial electrical services company can accomplish all of your needs, without the dangers of attempting to perform the work yourself. Certainly it is tempting to hire the company with the lowest price, but there is a reason the price is so cheap. Either the contractors are not licensed, the company is not capable of pulling permits, or does not provide workers’ compensation or general liability insurance. As the old saying goes, “sometimes you get what you pay for.” Cheap work often means less than quality results. Choosing a company in the Kansas City Metro area with experienced, dedicated, and skilled contractors is essential to quality results. Electricity is dangerous, another reason you want to ensure proper wiring, installation, etc.

At Teague Electric, we understand that your business is your livelihood, and most likely the livelihood of others as well if you have a substantial number of employees. When you have invested heavily in a business, why take shortcuts or hire an electrical contractor you don’t feel quite so comfortable with? We’ve been in the business of providing commercial electrical services to Kansas City area businesses for more than three decades, so you can rest assured you will enjoy a job well done, at a price you can afford. Give us a call today for unsurpassed results!

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