What is the Home Generator Installation Process?

What is the Home Generator Installation Process?

Perhaps you’re wondering how we perform a home generator installation. Nobody wants to be without electricity for long, so a backup system really helps eliminate frustration. Here, we’ll explain why you should consider obtaining a standby generator and what you can expect from the installation process.

The Purpose of Standby Generators

Do you live in an area with lots of storms and frequent outages? This can be a real aggravation for homeowners, especially when Kansas City contends with summer thunderstorms. Since outages can last a couple of hours or multiple days, you may want to invest in a standby generator.

Home generators, which supplement your electricity during an outage, can help you avoid food spoilage as well as the loss of heating and air-conditioning. You can also continue using electronic equipment if you work from home.

Basics of Our Installation Process

Like any other home-improvement project, installing a generator takes planning and preparation. Part of this involves cooperating with local authorities and your electrical company to make sure things are safe and effective.

Location is a very important factor throughout this process.

We typically position the generator in your backyard. Most neighborhoods and municipal ordinances prevent installing a generator that’s visible from the road. Also, in order for it to work at all, we have to connect it to your power and gas lines.

By making sure everything works appropriately with electricians from your power company, we eliminate the possibility of inconvenient surprises during installation time.

How Long Does Home Generation Installation Take?

It doesn’t take too long to install a standby generator for your home in Kansas City. This is especially true if you utilize a professional firm like Teague Electric.

A typical generator installation takes about two days altogether. How long is the power off for this task? We estimate it’ll usually take about one day to safely integrate it into your power structure, during which time you won’t have electricity available.

Standby Generators Are Low Hassle for Homeowners

We often get questions from customers about what they need to do to maintain or inspect their standby generators.

You’ll be glad to hear there isn’t too much the customer has to do to maintain them. It’s fully automatic and comes with a 15-minute exercise cycle each week that tells you that it’s working right. That’s basically the only inspection requirement for homeowners, keeping an eye on that cycle test. Fortunately, there’s a phone application that makes it incredibly simple.

Don’t forget that if you have any issues, we’re always a phone call away with 24-hour emergency support. All in all, we think you’ll be very pleased with the peace of mind you get from owning a reliable backup generator. If you’d like to learn more on the topic, be sure to check out these 6 benefits of investing in a backup generator.

Those great advantages include:

  • No frustrating breaks in service.
  • You won’t have to scramble to eat or throw away frozen food after an outage.
  • Your home security system won’t lapse just because your home lost power.
  • You’ll still be able to operate life-maintaining medical equipment for disabled or elderly family members.

Teague Electric: Always Available for Fast Home Generator Installation

Electrical work is somewhat complex and requires dedicated training to perform safely and correctly. Therefore, we don’t recommend purchasing and installing a generator by yourself. If you’re looking to improve the power situation for your home in Kansas City, let Teague Electric do the job for you.

We specialize in installing both portable and permanent generators made by quality manufacturers like Kohler. In fact, we’ve earned full authorization to install and repair all of their products.

If you would like us to assist you with home generator installation, contact us at any time to learn more.