What is Layering Light and Why Is It Important?

What is Layering Light and Why Is It Important?

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Layering light is a fantastic way to illuminate your home. Modern lighting technology and design lets us do several neat things that only wealthy moguls in mansions could enjoy in the past. Let’s look at the fascinating ways to layer the lights in your kitchen and other rooms of your Kansas City home.

What is Layering Light?

The basic principle of layered lighting involves the mixture of different lights to create a relaxing home environment. You can do this either indoors or outdoors, and it typically involves three components: Ambient, Accent, and Task lighting.

An appropriate combination of these is the best way to layer everything for a tranquil ambiance. Since it takes a little technique to put together, it doesn’t hurt to hire an interior designer along with an electrician for a renovation like this. If you’re after something extra complex, we can help you seamlessly integrate gorgeous fixtures like chandeliers, recessed lights, pendant lights, sconce lights, dome lighting, and more.

Layering Light: Three Important Components

  1. Ambient Lighting
    • You could think of this as your “primary” lighting for a particular room. It’s often the main overhead source, sometimes a simple dome light, and illuminates the greatest square footage. This is what you need for good visual purposes. Ambient lighting doesn’t offer the same finesse as accent lighting, and if it’s the only option in the room, can feel bland and uninspiring.
  2. Accent Lighting
    • Accent lighting is great for accentuating or highlighting specific elements in a special location or outdoors around your home. You can use wall-mounted fixtures to cast light onto a family portrait or any other significant item. Other forms of accent lighting can produce a starry or shadowy effect. You even see this with Halloween or Christmas lights that have a projector cast lights onto one’s home.
  3. Task Lighting
    • Task lighting helps a lot in the kitchen or bathroom where you would need targeted lighting for countertops (for cooking) or vanity mirrors (for grooming). Often, folks use task lighting in tandem with ambient lighting, but you always have the option to leave the rest of a room dark with just a table lamp.

High-Quality Home Lighting Matters

There are several significant reasons to buy high-quality lighting for your home. It’s not a mere aesthetic concern, though that plays a major role. Many home and business owners want to replace or rearrange their light schemes in order to gain better energy efficiency.

It doesn’t take long to see how you can use ambient and task lighting more strategically to cut back on overall usage. Some homeowners find they save as much as 50% on the utility bills after replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights, and updating the lighting layout in various places. It’s also a terrific way to raise your home’s value if you think you might sell it some day.

Call Teague Electric for Outstanding Light Installation

Indoor and outdoor lighting is one of our favorite things to install for homeowners in the KC metro area. It pays to have a professional assemble everything if you decide to do a major light layering renovation. Our team has the training and experience to install new light fixtures with proper wiring, safely and according to Kansas City electrical codes.

Teague Electric comes highly recommended and receives much of our business from referrals. We can also install back-up generators, panel upgrades, home security systems, and many other types of remodeling. All of this is why our previous clients give us a nearly perfect review score on GuildQuality and Google Reviews.

Contact Teague Electric to try layering light designs in your Kansas City home.

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