What Is The Average Cost Of An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

What Is The Average Cost Of An Electrical Panel Upgrade?

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What is the average cost of an electrical panel upgrade?

This important electrical service item isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth it. It’s never a good idea to risk the integrity of your electrical system by trying to run it with insufficient amperes. We’d like to show you when to consider a panel upgrade, and help you predict the cost figures.

What Determines the Cost of an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

The primary contributor to the cost of an upgraded panel is the size of the new panel in terms of amperes.

Older homes, the ones most likely to have insufficient amperes, may have only 60 amps of electrical capacity. You can augment this small volume with up to 400 amps. Of course, the panel itself may only cost a few hundred dollars. However, a brand new installation can cost anywhere from $800 to over $3,000. Again, the size of the project dictates precise service fees.

Other cost factors include the billable labor hours, the cost to pull permits, and whether it’s an indoor or outdoor panel (indoor equipment costs more). Finally, if we discover serious wiring issues, we’ll notify you and offer recommendations. Electrical repair services to install new wiring will increase the total costs as well.

Are the Benefits Worth the Cost of an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

How do we know it’s worth it to get a panel upgrade on your home?

  • You’ll finally gain much more electrical output, enough to cover large appliances like computer electronics, washers/dryers, televisions, refrigerators, medical equipment, and car chargers.
  • This also makes your home much safer against fires since you won’t overload your panels any more. Some estimates show that almost 50,000 electrical fires occur in the U.S. each year. Most of those have something to do with faulty wiring, so don’t try to “DIY” this critical task.
  • If you want to sell your home, an updated electrical panel will attract more prospective buyers.
  • Better wiring, circuitry, and increased voltage will actually help you reduce energy usage. Modern electrical equipment is way better for energy efficiency than what older homes once used.

Consequences of Overloading Electrical Panels

Another way to justify the cost of a new panel upgrade is to highlight the negative side effects of keeping your existing electrical framework. You’ll know you have a major problem if you notice lots of popping noises, outlet sparks, or smell burning.

When you overload your circuitry, you’re also bound to experience more breaker trips, flickering lights, surges, and other irritations. That’s why it never hurts to have one of our qualified electricians perform a safety inspection of your home. It’s a smart move if you’re tired of burning through light bulbs or suffering through random power outages for no other discernible reason.

Teague Electric: Helping You Optimize Your Home’s Electrical Systems

Teague Electric is Kansas City’s most trusted contractor for a myriad of electrical installation and repair services. We know the cost of panel projects may seem daunting, but think of it as an investment that’ll pay for itself – both in terms of energy efficiency and safety.

Since it’s important to trust your home’s electricity to experienced professionals, we welcome you to check our credentials. All of our staff has the proper training, licensing, bonding, and insurance to do all the technical work of any installation task. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), part of the terrific reputation we’ve built since we started in 1978.

Contact us today and learn more about the cost of an electrical panel upgrade for your home in Kansas City.

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