What is The Process The Residential Electrical Services Team Has To Take Before And During The Building Process?

What is The Process The Residential Electrical Services Team Has To Take Before And During The Building Process?

Residential electrical services are part of the backbone of our mission at Teague Electric. We thought you might want to know more about our planning and implementation processes whenever we take on a project.

Here, we’ll cover how this works for folks who are building their own homes.

Basics of Installing Residential Electrical Services

There are many steps to the home building process, including how to go about installing an electrical framework. When it’s new home construction, we get a totally blank slate from a builder or homeowner. Everything starts from scratch, so we create an intricate electrical layout for the whole home.


Basically, the planning stage is where we design a plan and tabulate an estimate for all the materials, labor, quality checks, inspections, and final adjustments.

Once we finish making estimates, we do a walkthrough with the homeowner or builder, explaining the entire electrical scheme. This part has a lot of details and includes every single wire, outlet, surge protector, conduit, panel, and so forth.

Finalizing a Price & Getting Started

Then everybody agrees on pricing and we order materials. Our warehouse team makes sure we have all the necessary parts for the project. That allows our electricians to come in and start putting it all together without having to worry about getting new materials.

Installation & Finishing Touches

Once they complete all the wiring, we do quality checks and make sure our work matches the original plan. By this point, the city and electrical companies will perform inspections. We inspect things also and if we find deficiencies, we correct them within 24 hours. After that, the builder puts in insulation and drywall and continues with the rest of the building process.

Residential Electrical Services: How Long Does Our Process Usually Take?

So, you may wonder how much labor goes into electrical installation and what kind of crews we use.

For your typical 3,000-square-foot house, our electricians can do the job within a week or a week-and-a-half. Sometimes there are adjustments we need to make along the way depending on complexity. We see a lot of ceiling changes where we may have to change the beam layout or augment something. Other than that, the installation process doesn’t last too long.

Most of our guys are one-man teams. Roughly 50 or 60% of them utilize helpers. Sometimes the helpers assist the electrician for a while, get good at it, then become journeymen themselves. We like that because it ensures that we always have a solid staff of electricians available for service purposes.

Other New Construction Tasks We Perform

Did you know we also offer our services for new commercial construction projects as well? Yes, and much of it overlaps with the same principles we use for residential electrical installation. This covers all sorts of useful tasks such as:

  • Upgrades to power distribution, including surge protection
  • New construction and tenant improvements
  • Alternative power source installation like solar panels
  • Advanced security systems
  • Specialty lighting for laboratories, medical facilities, and outdoor/indoor sports complexes
  • . . . and much more!

Kansas City Residential Electrical Services with Teague Electric

Whether you’re building a new home or want to renovate an existing house, Teague Electric is here to help. We perform installation and repair services for clients all throughout Kansas City for residential and commercial purposes.

Obviously, the new home electrical installation has to be done correctly in order to avoid surges and other problems. That’s why it pays to utilize an experienced contractor that’s done this kind of work for more than 40 years.

Don’t forget to contact Teague Electric as soon as you need the most competent, professional, and reliable residential electrical services.