What New Construction Homes Trends Do You See?

What New Construction Homes Trends Do You See?

We always like to keep you abreast of the new construction home trends we encounter. Our objective is to help you see what’s happening through the vein of electrical enhancement. This information can help you decide how to make remodeling improvements, guarantee security and safety, and so forth.

Popular New Construction Homes Trends in and Around KC

We handle many sizes and styles of homes, all of which have their own degree of lighting complexity. Every house is different, but here are some of the common trends these days:

  • Wide Open Homes
  • Higher Ceilings
  • Wider Staircases
  • Lots of Indirect Lighting
  • Extensive Use of Layered Lighting.

Ceiling details are more complex than in previous decades. You won’t see houses with ordinary ceilings supported by just a couple of beams. Nowadays, KC homeowners prefer many different forms of indirect lighting and the ability to set specific moods/ambiances for every room.

Wine Rooms & Bourbon Rooms

Wine rooms and bourbon rooms are very popular. These can even be full speakeasies that you’ll find in a downstairs basement. Imagine a nifty micro-room or home bar tucked away in a corner. They look like miniaturized pubs with all the same amenities you’d find downtown.

What are the construction and design implications? Well, for one thing, there’s a big demand for installing a lighting system without it looking sloppy. Nobody wants to see a bunch of wires, switches, conduits, and breakers all over the place.

It’s a lot of planning to place wiring and stubs in indiscreet locations and then hook everything together properly. We have to carefully assess the appropriate amount of tape per stub as well as per driver. We’ve serviced houses with at least 80-90 stubs for just a basement wine room. It gets pretty elaborate.

Again, these home renovations are intended to produce a big “wow” factor. Wine rooms are glass-enclosed, temperature-controlled, and well-lit. It’s not a cheap project by any means.

Need Other Ideas for Lighting Upgrades?

Fortunately, there is no shortage of fun home decor ideas, including many different indoor and outdoor lighting arrangements. Here is a small sample of what homeowners in Kansas City are focusing on lately:

  • Ceiling Lights
    Ceilings are much more complex now. We regularly visit clients with beautiful vaulted ceilings with elaborate lighting schemes. While this tends to be more labor-intensive (and costly), it’s a great way to beautify and embellish your home. This includes many different styles of chandeliers, flush mounts, and various styles of ambient lighting.
  • Wall Lights
    These are not your high-beam, high-profile lights, but rather the ones that help you navigate hallways or do things in the kitchen. Sconce lights are great for walls in areas that don’t benefit from direct lighting.
  • LED Lights
    LED lights are focused, energy-efficient, and come in many sizes, colors, and dimmer options. We have several clients replacing older incandescent and fluorescent lights with LED fixtures.
  • Smart Lights
    Are you anxious about accidentally leaving your lights on after going to work? This is a common problem, but not if you have smart lights. They work great indoors and outdoors because you can set timers, control them from your phone, and take advantage of several customizations.

You can discover more about these special upgrades by reading our post on creative lighting ideas in 2022.

Teague Electric: Always On Top of New Construction Homes Trends

We always recommend getting in touch with a qualified electrical installation contractor when you decide to begin a project. Even a simple electrical wiring task requires the work of a trained and licensed electrician. It pays to call a reliable firm, like Teague Electric, rather than doing it yourself or hiring a handyman.

What do you get from working with us? Well, don’t take our word for anything when you can review our long list of positive testimonials from satisfied Kansas City clients. We’ve earned a strong reputation with this area’s homeowners through more than four decades of outstanding electrical workmanship.

If you’d like to learn more about new construction home trends, feel free to contact Teague Electric for more information.