Why You Should Hire A Professional Lighting Designer

Why You Should Hire A Professional Lighting Designer

professional lighting designer

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There are several outstanding benefits to hiring a professional lighting designer to optimize interior/exterior luminosity. This is the smartest way to configure the perfect combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting.

It’s a service Teague Electric offers for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Of course, electric work is technical and difficult, so it’s smart to seek expert help.

Top Reasons to Hire a Professional Lighting Designer in KC

  1. See Better Anywhere in Your Home
    • Perhaps the most common reason to get professional lighting installation is the simple need to see better inside your home. You’d be surprised how many older houses have inadequate or outdated lighting. Our service pros can inspect your home and make calculations over whether you have enough light for every practical purpose.
  2. Create Better Moods & Ambiances
    • It’s not enough to just toss a light source in any old place. Professional lighting installation involves selecting light fixtures that work best in specific areas around your home. One such concern is having enough light (but not too much) to help you relax, host company, do your work, teach your children, cook meals, and so forth. There’s even research that shows that insufficient lighting can contribute to depression, anxiety, and early-onset dementia.
  3. Enjoy Better Light for Work Purposes
    • Those lights over the countertop or stove are pretty useful. They’re the ones that allow you to perform certain tasks like preparing food on a cutting board or seeing what you’re doing while washing dishes. Naturally, we call those “task” lights, which are a crucial component you should emphasize when you hire a lighting expert.

What Else Can a Talented Lighting Professional Do?

Teague Electric has a diverse team of electricians who know how to do everything from indoor and outdoor lighting to setting up security systems to home automation. Some of these go together really well, too.

Many of our clients bolster their lighting systems by adding smart lighting or even a home theater. Each of those is a terrific way to increase home value, enjoy premium luxuries, and make your house everyone’s favorite place for events and gatherings.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is all the rage in Kansas City right now. That’s because homeowners want to enjoy a nice exterior ambiance just as much as they do a nice kitchen or dining room.

What are a few examples of effective landscape lighting?

  • Path Lighting – Our team can help you set up a sharp and effective path lighting arrangement to add light to gardens, sidewalks, and wheelchair ramps.
  • Flood Lights – The most sophisticated flood lights can shine light in multiple directions and bring your backyard patio to life for your next outdoor dinner party.
  • Surface-Mounted Lights – There are plenty of places to use these in or around your front entryway, along walls, and more. They’re a cost-effective way to deter burglars as well.
  • Roadway Lights – It’s also a wise idea to have lights and reflectors near your driveway entrance from the road. The chances of making a mistake and running into your mailbox are higher at night time when you can’t see. Fortunately, these don’t have to be uber-sophisticated lights, since simple 12-watt LED lanterns will do the trick.

Hire a Professional Lighting Designer from Teague Electric

Teague Electric serves residential and commercial customers for a variety of repair and installation tasks all throughout Kansas City. This includes everything from lighting design and installation to rewiring and panel upgrades. If it involves your home/business electrical service, we can handle it.

We’ve earned numerous accolades and praise from customers, trade organizations, and business evaluators alike. We maintain a nearly perfect review score on GuildQuality, an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and “Top Electrical Company” status, according to BloggerLocal. That’s how you know you’re working with a reputable service contractor when you hire us.

Contact Teague Electric to find out the difference it makes to hire a professional lighting designer soon.

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